Why Turmeric?


Turmeric has been used for thousands of years across cultures as a herbal supplement. Traditionally it was often combined with honey or juice as an uplifting elixir. Chosen for its high curcumin content, we only use high-grade organic Turmeric in our blend.



Aura Chai loves Turmeric for its bold flavour and bright, sunny yellow colour. That’s why Turmeric Chai is also called  ‘Golden Chai Latte’ in certain circles! It enhances and complements their original chai blend beautifully – and we’re super excited to share this blend with you!


  • No more powdered or syrupy brews for you! Just spice, whole spice and nothing but the spice.


    Vegan | Caffeine-Free | Refined Sugar Free | Natural Pure Spice  


    Turmeric Chai Latte Blend – 250g warming, spicy and earthy – Aura Chai have taken their original chai blend and infused it with generous helpings of golden Turmeric for a healthy, wholesome treat.

    Soothe the senses and settle down with a cosy cup of Turmeric Chai Latte – the ideal antidote for a cold, rainy day!

    Made with love as always – featuring ethically sourced, fair-trade spices. Like our cacao blend our Turmeric Chai Latte doesn’t contain tea, so it’s caffeine-free.


    All Aura Chai products are ethically produced and vegan friendly. Sugar free – made without artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Our recipe is gluten free, but we unfortunately cannot guarantee that our products are free from allergens as they are produced in an environment containing sesame, milk, eggs, nuts, soy and gluten.


    Aura Chai is an earth friendly company! Please recycle our bags and compost our chai mix after use.