Fairtrade ‘mamri’ loose leaf black tea – Authentic Indian tea commonly used for the tastiest chai. Also known as ‘little grain’, this tea has a strong, rich flavour all of its own.


Ginger – Fiery ginger adds a spicy kick and subtle heat.

Whole crushed cardamom pods – Cardamom forms the base for chai, fragrant and delicate.


Cinnamon – Warming cinnamon is one of my favourite spices. Stimulates circulation and adds gentle sweetness.


Whole crushed cloves – Aromatic cloves are carefully crushed to release their exotic, spicy flavour.


Powdered nutmeg – Just a touch of nutmeg for added zing.

Whole black and pink peppercorns – Hot, peppery and perfect pick-me-ups for winter days.


Fennel seeds – Dry fried first to release their flavour, fennel seeds add a hint of licorice flavour and aid digestion.


Star anise – A strong spice with delicate sweetness – vibrant star anise brings a subtle aromatic flavour to our chai blend.



  • This gorgeous limited edition blend Vanilla Chai Latte is twist on the Original Aura Chai Latte! Taking the Original recipe lovingly blended using fine tea and spices, and adding 100% natural vanilla powder for a luxurious, soothing treat. Can be made as a latte or as a delicious tea!


    Aura Chai uses over 11 ethically sourced spices and herbs blended with fine black tea for a fragrant, flavourful and authentic chai latte. This gorgeous limited edition Vanilla Chai also features generous helpings of pure, natural vanilla for a naturally sweet, indulgent treat.


    Vegan | Gluten Free | Refined Sugar Free | Natural Pure Spice 


    Aura Chai Vanilla Chai Latte Blend – 250g delicious whole spice chai latte lovingly blended by hand in Manchester. 


    All Aura Chai products are ethically produced and vegan friendly. Sugar free – made without artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Our recipe is gluten free, but we unfortunately cannot guarantee that our products are free from allergens as they are produced in an environment containing sesame, milk, eggs, nuts, soy and gluten.


    Aura Chai is an earth friendly company! Please recycle our bags and compost our chai mix after use.