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  • We absolutely love these handmade, vegan, natural soaps that are cut in small batches in Yorkshire.

    Made with natural essential oils and plant based glycerine they are free from parabens SLS, SLES and palm oil as well as being BUAV approved cruelty-free.

    Wonderfully rich and moisturising we have them in eight beautiful scents...

    🌿 Coconut & Argan Oil (with Ylang Ylang)

    MOISTURISING - Tropical and luxurious this blend of exotic oils will lift you gently with its sweet floral scent.

    🌿 Coffee & Cedarwood

    INVIGORATING - Stimulate the senses and invigorate your body with this heady blend of enticing oils

    🌿 Hemp & Jasmine Musk

    GENTLE - Hemp & jasmine musk (with wheat germ & jasmine flowers). Rich sensual and moisturising. Treat your skin to some tender loving care.

    🌿 Lavender & Geranium

    RELAXING - Lavender & geranium (with tea tree & lavender flowers). A gentle and relaxing combination of oils blended to help bring you a daily dose of calm and harmony.

    🌿 Rose & Geranium

    CALMING - Rose & geranium (with rose petals). Distinctly floral with a classic bouquet to soothe the soul stabilize the mind and relax the body.

    🌿 Patchouli & Sandalwood

    BALANCING - Patchouli & sandalwood (with ylang ylang). Rich earthy and exotic this beautiful blend of exotic oils is perfect for pampering.

    🌿 Pink Grapefruit (with Aloe Vera & Lime)

    UPLIFTING - Pink grapefruit (with aloe vera & lime). Soothing and gently cleansing with a citrus zing to leave you energized and invigorated.

    🌿 Tea Tree & Aloe (with Lime & Lemongrass)

    REFRESHING - Tea tree & aloe vera (with lime & lemongrass). Naturally antiseptic and deeply nourishing to leave your skin feeling hydrated, refreshed, and invigorated.

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