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  • Cheshire based brand Pro Body Glow is an amazing nourishing body balm that has been created to give an instant, non-greasy shine to the body whilst providing long lasting smoothness - all without any harsh chemicals and instead just 5 incredible natural ingredients!

    🌿 Unique blend of organic and natural ingredients including Propolis, Frankincense and bee pollen

    🌿 No Additives, fragrance, petrochemicals or palm oil

    🌿 Non greasy formulation leaves the skin feeling smooth, conditioned & nourished

    🌿 Handmade in Manchester UK

    Not only do we love its 100% natural, clean ingredients but also the brand's strong ethical approach with it's sustainable sourcing of ingredients and packaging, as well as its approach to animal welfare. Sustainable bee keeping methods are at the heart of the brand's ethos, using a UK Flowhive to avoid the exploitation of the bees, supporting sustainable bee keeping methods without harming or weakening the beehive, unlike intensive bee keeping 🙌🐝🍯