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Multi Vitamin and mineral formula specifically blended for the unique needs on men. 


Key Highlights

  • Complete nutrients with powerful natural food compounds
  • Everyday all round nutrient top-up for improved men’s health
  • Higher levels of B vitamins, zinc and selenium
  • Formulated taking into account modern diet and lifestyles



  • Specially developed for the unique needs of men, we’ve taken all the goodness from some of nature’s finest offerings and made our Men’s Multi using whole food, ocean source and plant based ingredients.

    Our bodies better absorb vitamins and minerals when they’re in a whole food form. This way they're also gentle on the stomach.

    All our food based ingredients are raw and complete. Using carefully controlled low-heat conditions, we preserve all the naturally occurring goodness you find in fresh foods, like live enzymes and phytonutrients, amino acids, trace minerals and other bioactive co-factors.

    We also include natural ocean derived magnesium from the deep waters off the coast of Iceland.

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