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Food, ocean and plant based Stress Aid.


Key Highlights

  • 11 food based vitamins and minerals
  • Contains all eight essential B vitamins
  • With 3 adaptogenic herbs for additional support
  • Ocean source magnesium


  • We’ve created this Stress Aid supplement to give your body some TLC when you’re feeling the pressure. Along with all the benefits of nutrients from our much-loved food based range, we’ve added a carefully selected combination of herbs to provide support for your body during busy times.

    Using whole food ingredients we create vitamins that are easily absorbed and gentle on the stomach. This pack contains 11 food based vitamins and minerals and a natural ocean derived magnesium all included to support you during busy or stressful times.

    Our formulation also includes three adaptogenic herbs — Schisandra, Ashwagandha and Rhodiola — that support your adrenal system and help your body to manage the way it responds to stress.

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