At GINKGO we have carefully curated a range of high quality vitamins, nutritional supplements and herbal remedies that are free from the fillers, binders, excipients and ‘nasty’ chemicals that can be found in so many vitamins and supplements on the market today.


We have rejected stocking a number of the leading health supplement brands based on the contents of their ingredients lists - we don’t believe that synthetically produced supplements are a particularly healthy or effective way of supporting our bodies’ needs. We have sought out supplements that are ‘food state’, ‘food grown’ or formulated to be particularly bioavailable, well recognised and well absorbed by the body and more akin to something you would find on your plate to a pill developed in a lab.


At GINKGO we recognise that the needs of our bodies’ vary greatly over the course of a lifetime and are affected by various environmental and lifestyle factors. Whatever your health concerns or needs we have grouped our supplements into specific targeted ranges that meet these varied requirements.


Supporting your body’s changing needs through all stages of development and life.

  • Targeted multivitamins and supplements for all stages of development from pre-conception to cradle, right through to senior years

  • Teen health

  • Supplements to support fertility, pregnancy, lactation

  • Natural menopause support

  • Senior health supplements to support healthy joints and bones, healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels, as well as eye health


  • Pre and post-workout

  • High quality protein powders, including plant based protein powders

  • Adaptogenic herbal supplements

  • Muscle recovery

  • Joint support


Key vitamins and supplements to help support a healthy immune system

  • Vitamin D, Zinc, Selenium and Liposomal Vitamin C

  • Medicinal mushrooms

  • Herbal immune support

  • Bee propolis

  • Probiotics



We have a whole host of supplements to nourish and support a healthy microbiome and digestive tract.


  • Prebiotics, probiotics and fermented foods

  • Digestive enzymes  

  • Collagen and glutamine powders

  • Demulcents, carminative and bitters herbs



A broad range of supplements, herbs and aromatherapy products to support emotional wellbeing, mood, sleep, stress levels, as well as, focus and optimum performance.



We have a number of exclusively vegan ranges of vitamins, supplements and protein powders, to ensure that you are covering all your nutritional bases, including vegan B12, vegan Omega-3, vegan D3 and vegan probiotics.