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These beautiful Award-winning, organic and Fairtrade chocolates make the perfect addition to a gift hamper. Beautifully packaged with plastic-free compostable inner wrappers, they come in a wonderful selection of flavours!


  • SEA SALT 55% - Dark Chocolate With Caramel & Sea Salt


    To all the fans of sweet and salty pairings; an intriguing combination. The fusion of the caramel crunch and the dash of sea salt create a deliciously naughty flavour experience. But be warned, it is addictive.


    The Great Taste Awards judges said:

    There is a great crunch as you bite into it - lots of lovely sea salt caramel brightening up the palate. The salt was very enjoyable and balanced well within the chocolate. The caramel crunch isn’t overly sweet and complements the chocolate well. All in all, this is a well balanced and delicious, not too bitter on the finish with a well-judged balance between the salt and sweetness. The salty finish left us craving more.


    COFFEE 55% (VE) - Dark Chocolate With Arabica Coffee Bar (Vegan)


    This is a very elegant chocolate bar with a real but subtle taste of coffee (Arabica). Coffee flavours provide a little kick, perfectly complementing the chocolate taste.


    The Great Taste Awards judges said:

    The chocolate melts beautifully on the tongue releasing the deep, well-judged coffee notes. It's brilliantly restrained, achieving an excellent balance of chocolate and coffee. So well made and terribly addictive - we couldn't stop nibbling. A first class example of great chocolate.


    MINT 67% (VE) - Dark Chocolate With Peppermint Crunch Bar (Vegan)


    The natural peppermint oil provides a fresh yet mild flavour and the combination of peppermint, the crunchy texture and dark chocolate make for a bar simply irresistible to mint lovers. This organic dark chocolate bar brings quite a sensation to the taste buds. 


    The Great Taste Award judges said:

    The peppermint pieces were deliciously crunchy and provided an interesting texture contrast to the firmness of the chocolate. The chocolate was perfectly bittersweet with a good balance of acidity. There was a good ratio of peppermint to chocolate making this a well balanced, well flavoured product.


    MILK CHOCOLATE 50% - With Caramelised Hazelnuts & Sea Salt Bar


    The combination of rich, creamy milk chocolate and caramelised hazelnuts is irresistible. A hint of sea salt enhances the hazelnut and caramel notes and provides an excellent balance to the sweetness. With 50% cocoa this is a high percentage darkmilk chocolate bar with a pronounced cocoa flavour and slightly sweet acidic notes originating from the cocoa.



    We work with cooperatives certified by Fairtrade including: Acopagro, El Quinacho, Cacvra and Oro Verde in Peru, Fundopo in The Dominican Republic, Cocabo in Panama and Cooperative Premium Cacao Sambirano CPCS in Madagascar for our cacao.


    PANAMA 80% (VE) - Dark Chocolate Single Origin Panama (Vegan)


    This pleasingly high-percentage chocolate is full bodied yet mild, decadent and incredibly smooth with hints of nuts and an extraordinary chocolate flavour, ideal for the chocolate purist. We challenge you to find a smoother, less bitter, 80% chocolate bar.


    The Great Taste Awards judges said:

    Good dark bar with a great snap that melts beautifully to deliver really complex flavours. The natural hint of bitterness is complemented with fruity, tobacco and even coffee overtones that slowly work their way around the mouth in a most pleasing and delicious fashion. The finish is long, lingering and equally complex. A grown-up bar of chocolate to be enjoyed late in the evening along with something equally complex, strong and soothing in a glass.


    POMEGRANATE 70% (VE) - Dark Chocolate With Pomegranate (Vegan)


    Our Dark Chocolate with Pomegranate Bar  - The cacao originates from Madagascar, valued worldwide for its unique flavour notes, with hints of citrus and natural sweetness. Pomegranate is tart and Madagascan cocoa beans are known for their natural fruity flavour brought together, they provide a truly tantalizing flavour experience.


    The Great Taste Awards judges said:

    The pieces of pomegranate complement the chocolate well and are lovely to happen upon! A fabulous level of sweetness and fruit to counter the dark chocolate which is dark and bold, with some slightly woody notes. An interesting chocolate which has been well judged on the flavour.

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