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Save on packaging and £ with this Sleep Better Aroma Spa Diffuser, combining diffuser and Sleep Better Diffuser Oil. For the ultimate pre-sleep bedtime ritual, envelop your bedroom with our blissful blend of Jasmine, Sandalwood and Lavender essential oils before you go to sleep to help you drift into a peaceful slumber.


  • Fill your bedroom with this blissful blend for a peaceful night’s sleep. This Sleep Better Aroma Spa Diffuser includes our Sleep Better Diffuser Oil to help you to switch off, drift off and recharge.


    Sleep Better Ritual: To prepare your bedroom for a good night’s sleep, add 6 to 8 drops of Sleep Better Diffuser Oil to your Aroma Spa Diffuser 2 hours before you need to go to bed.If you fall asleep whilst the Aroma Spa Diffuser is still in use, there is an automatic shut-off once the Aroma Spa Diffuser runs out of water.


    This modern aromatherapy diffuser combines an elegant lightweight design with all the benefits of ultrasonic aroma technology for a fine and silent mist that envelops a room. When switched on, the ultrasonic dif-fuser begins to vibrate water molecules at a specific frequency. This causes the water to heat up, produc-ing steam with tiny bubbles. The essential oil is heated in the water reservoir and, as the steam begins to rise, the ultrasound breaks the bubbles apart to form an incredibly fine vapour. Our Aroma Spa Diffuser also combines the benefits of aromatherapy with chromotherapy through gentle variations of soft col-oured light.


    Why choose this product?

    • Diffusion control
    • Soft mood lighting control
    • Water level indicator
    • Compact size (100ml water capacity)
    • Perfect aroma mist – add essential oils to water to de-liver a steady amount of fine fragranced mist to suit your mood
    • 4-5 hours’ continuous mist mode
    • Automatic shut-down when diffuser runs out of water
    • Ultra-quiet for maximum comfort, especially at night
    • Use with Tisserand Aromatherapy pure essential oils or our pre-blended vaporising oils
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