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Our theanine is a natural isolated nutrient extracted from green tea which increases the relative concentration of the chemical messenger GABA. GABA’s principle role in the brain is to relax the nervous system without sedation.


Ideal for:


  • Anybody looking to relax and unwind.
  • Anybody looking to relax but maintain mental performance and clarity.
  • Nervous public speakers and nervous travellers.


  • Theanine is a fast-acting, non-sedative relaxant which reduces the impact of excitatory pathways in the brain and in doing so it increases the relative GABA concentrations in the brain. This is ideal for anybody needing relax whilst maintaining mental clarity and performance.


    Most l-theanine is synthetic but the theanine in our 250mg capsules is extracted from green tea from the mountainous region of Hunan Province in South Central China.

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