Lion Heart capsules are pure as pure can be, with no unnecessary ingredients, and are teeny tiny.


  • Why is a Pure Omega 3 Fish Oil important? Thousands of medical trials around the world show Omega 3 is good for our hearts, brains and eyes, and has many other benefits. But how often do we sit down to eat a large plate of oily fish? Omega 3 is an essential part of a healthy diet so a high quality pure fish oil supplement can really make a difference to how we feel. 

    Omega 3 content per dose:  4 tiny capsules have 860mg EPA and 440mg DHA (the same as a whole tin of sardines).

    Made from Wild, Sustainably Caught Fish: We only ever use small wild fish certified by both Friends of the Sea and IFFO-RS, the global responsible supply standard. This is just one of the reasons we’re different to other brands and why we believe our Omega 3 Mini Capsules are the very best. 

    IFOS Certified For Peace Of Mind: We think it’s important to know exactly what’s in a supplement, so we publish our Certificate of Analysis for each and every product. We also have all batches independently tested by the International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS).  We publish our results below.

    Easily Digested: Our Lion Heart Mini Capsules are easy to swallow, strong, fresh and pure. They’re also easy for your body to absorb as they’re in the natural triglyceride form.

    Our Capsules: All of our capsules are made from sustainably sourced fish gelatin, so it’s just fish, fish and more fish (no beef or pork).

    Who it's for:  everyone!  perfect from 12 years up, but you can also give them to younger children.

    How many to take:  4 a day, all at once or spread out.  For more information, you can download the product leaflet below.

    Calories per dose: 25 

    How long a pack lasts:  one month if you take 4 a day.  Two months if you take 2 a day.

    Packaging: 100% recyclable glass pot.