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  • Reclaim your peace in 3,2,1….


    Countdown and unwind from the stresses of the day with the ultimate collection of our award-winning Total De-Stress blend containing balancing Geranium, reassuring Orange and warming Nutmeg 100% natural pure essential oils. The set includes a Bath Oil, Spray & Roller Ball. 


    Transform your space into a peaceful haven with this Total De-Stress ritual:


    Step 1: Begin your countdown ritual with a calming bath using our nourishing and relaxing Bath Oil, created for when life is hectic, and your mind is overcrowded.


    Step 2: Take a moment to stop and breathe as you generously spritz our best-selling MoodFix™ Mist around your space to create a cloud of calm and settle your senses.


    Step 3: Finally, apply the Roller Ball to your pulse points at the temples, neck and wrists or apply behind the ears. Close your eyes, deeply inhale the aroma, and enjoy a moment of peace.


    The perfect gift for a loved one who needs a little extra help taking a moment to de-stress or as a gift for yourself, to help you find your calm during trying moments. The Countdown to De-Stress features handy travel sizes, so now you can take your new de-stress ritual with you wherever you go.