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Saffrosun for Children is a natural remedy, made with organic Saffron extract at a clinically effective strength, with helpful prebiotic and food-sourced Vitamins D and B12. Here’s what it can do for your kids:

  • Alleviate nervousness, helping them cope
  • Help them deal with stress
  • Reduce fatigue and help them sleep better
  • Restore and improve their emotional balance


We pick saffron from Catalonia in Northern Spain, which produces the highest strength of saffron (3.5%) with the three bioactives we’re looking for (crocin, safranal and picrocrocin). Catalonia enjoys the ideal temperatures and soil conditions to grow the most potent saffron in the world.


Organic Baobab helps provide nutrients for the gut which in turn will help with absorption of the bio-actives. Vitamin D is food-sourced from algae and B12 from organic mushrooms.


  • How it works

    Made from some the world’s most potent organic saffron, Saffrosun for Children contains the highest strength of bioactives at a strength of 3.5% of all three active components (crocin, saffranal & picrocrocin) per capsule, which have been proven to improve psychological balance, tiredness and help you feel rested and refreshed on waking.

    The addition of key vitamins B12 and the sunshine vitamin D all impact positively on energy levels and vitality.